Welcome to our Vendor Information Page. This will be continually updated as we gear up to the grand opening so please continue checking back. Since this will be a lot of different rules and store policies we will start with our promises and the services we will be providing .

What we offer

  1. A Dedicated and Experienced Staff. William and I (Sarah) make our full time living off antiques and between the two of us have over 25 years’ experience in the business. We have different areas of expertise but an overall extensive working knowledge of most antiques and collectibles currently in the market place. What we don’t know we learn, and oftentimes our customers are our best teachers. Our innate desire to become a better resource in the business is a quality that will help us all succeed and connect clients with the merchandise they are seeking.
  2. Enthusiasm. We really love this stuff and enjoy our vendors and customers equally. We will bring a passion to this business that will be infectious and help to drive sales.
  3. Professionalism. We are transparent and honest in all our dealings whether its vendor policies, how we price our items or the margins in which we buy merchandise from the public. Keeping it straightforward allows us to let math be math and devote our energy to maintaining our clientele on a basis of trust.
  4. Continued Reinvestment. As we grow and our vendors succeed proceeds will be continually added for advertising and services that will uplift all our sales.
  5. Open Communication- We will have a monthly vendor meeting and restocking event so that there is always an easy and open way to address everyone’s ideas, concerns and plans.

Our Location

We have 3000 sq feet directly adjacent to Our Old Stuff Antiques on the busy US1 corridor between Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach in Holly Hill. It is an established antique location with existing good word of mouth and a stellar reputation of having some of the finest antiques in the area. Excellent free parking with easy loading for vendors and customers.

Our Hours

We will be matching Our Old Stuff’s hours of 10-5 Monday through Saturday. This location has been traditionally closed on Sundays, as we invest in advertising and growing demand adding the seventh day is an option we will take as soon as feasible.

Booth Rent

Space rental is currently $2.00 a sq ft with a 10% commission on items and 3% fee for credit card transactions. Minimum booth rent is $50 a month for those renting cases and smaller footprint spaces. Rental increases (if any) will be determined at the beginning of each year at a set percentage and applied at each individual dealer’s year anniversary date.

Booth rental will be on a month to month basis with the first months rent being due up front and subsequent months rent & commissions taken out of sales with a check for the balance paid by the 7th the next month. Vendors owing a rent balance will pay by the 7th each month or a $35 late fee will be applied. In case of default your booth and or case will continue to do sales until payment or disclosure is finalized with sales covering any due monies. We do reserve the right after 60 days of non-payment to put your merchandise up for auction or pull merchandise of equal value for sale.

Terminating a space requires a 30-day notice with an ending date being the last day of the next month.

Store Policies

  1. 75% of all items in any individual booth are expected to be at least 25 years old. Garage sale and household items not considered collectible or decorative will not be allowed. We are shooting for a mall with only old things but nice decorator items that fit with your general selling point of view can go a long way towards filling out sales and keeping your space fully stocked so they are allowed.
  2. Display items not for sale are required to be clearly marked as such.
  3. All items must be clearly tagged and able to be removed. (we will be keeping them on our daily sales sheet) All tags must have your vendor code, a clear description and legible price. If you are going to mark down an item, we ask that you completely retag it. If something is just crossed out, we have no way of knowing if a customer might have taken it upon themselves to do so.  
  4. We do not discount any items under $20. This is so none of us get beaten up with discounts on lower price items and so that we can offer the maximum amount of value priced items to our customers.
  5. Competitive pricing. We ask that all vendors set their pricing commiserate in range to similar items found online. People will look at how much they can get the same item shipped to their door and we strive to be the better service bargain while holding firm to the value of an item in a worldwide marketplace. (for example, if its 30 bucks online, price it 30 bucks in the store. The customer gets a built-in discount not having to pay shipping, and when they ask to have it at 20, we can say naw, we are already saving you money. This approach has worked for us as we sell both brick and mortar and online and helps greatly with the stores credibility and relevance) We aren’t going to micromanage this and for many items pricing is more intuitive than based on exact competition. But this works in tandem with our other policies and the closer we all get to this model the better.
  6. No blanket percentage off sales. Sales of a determined percentage will not be allowed unless it is a vendor’s last month, and notice has been given. This puts downward pressure on all prices and isn’t very effective for the dealer offering the discount either. Items can always be individually marked down, and we will have occasional storewide sales events that vendors can participate in.
  7. If asked 10% off will be offered to clients looking to haggle. Anything more and we will contact you with the offer.  A larger percentage of our customers don’t like to negotiate at all which is why we ask for competitive pricing with only a small allowance for those clients buying multiple items or with an expectation of a percentage off.
  8. Vendors are always welcome to visit the store and restock their booths during hours the store is open. Major re-dos or anything requiring a significant disruption please inform us and we will make a mutually agreeable time to get it done.
  9. Products of a controversial or insensitive nature must be true antiques from the era of their historical importance. Items deemed outside this parameter will be asked to be removed.
  10. Vendors are expected to keep their booths tidy and accessible. All items must be within their rental boundaries.
  11. All efforts will be made to prevent shoplifting but no liability is implied for individual spaces in regards to theft or damage. We will provide wi-fi to any customers wanting to set up cameras in their individual spaces so long as access is provided to Beehive Antiques.
  12. No item shall be misrepresented as authentic when its not and all reproductions must be clearly labeled as such.
  13. Commission avoidance, such as selling merchandise in store offline or bypassing the register will be treated with a warning for a first offense and an immediate termination of rental space at second offense.