People often ask us “where do you get your stuff?” and the answer is from pretty much wherever we can find it. But the vast majority of our finest wares come from clients that either sell or consign their antiques and collectibles through us. The value of any individual item can vary because of many different factors. The condition is always the most important but with so many other variables it takes someone with current knowledge of trends and market fluctuations to know what something is worth right now as it sits. We are always glad to offer our best opinion on value whether you are looking to sell or not, and also offer advice on things you might own that could be easily overlooked but popular in today’s marketplace. When you are ready to liquidate we have several options depending on the type of item you are looking to sell. If you have something, even mundane, that you know for sure was made before 1980, and even sometimes 1990, call and ask us what you might have!

Sell Direct

For most items valued at less than a $100, we will make a fair offer to buy based on current pricing in the global marketplace at a competitive margin that reflects our time and overhead in attaining retail value. We are 100% transparent on what things are worth and the price we expect to attain and offer our first, best, and the final price for your item right out the gate. As much as we love antiques we only ever want to acquire them for resale if the math makes sense for our store and our clients. If we think you can realize a better price elsewhere we will let you know.

EBay Consignment

For items valued above $100 that are able to be shipped, we are excited to now start offering eBay consignment for those clients that are able to wait for top dollar on their item. We have been selling on eBay since 1998 and have completed thousands of successful transactions. Because of the time and effort required for online selling, we have to limit consignment to higher dollar items. This is often the way to get the best price for an item and we are glad to do the work so our clients can benefit from a worldwide audience of customers. You can download our standard consignment contract to see the terms and procedures. Depending on our judgment of the marketplace we will either auction your item or suggest placing it online at a Buy it Now price for a 3-month term. We have a professional photography set-up for amazing photos and we only ship with the best of packing materials to ensure your item finds a new loving home. Download our consignment contract for terms and procedures.

Furniture/High End Consignment

We do have a reserved space in store for furniture and high-end item consignments that would not be able to be shipped. We plan on offering this only to those items we believe we have a customer base for or would move quickly at an agreed upon price that is realistic in current market conditions. Please call or visit directly if you believe you have an item that would fit this criteria. If we are unable to bring it in we can still give you an idea of value and how it would be best to liquidate the item.